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Post by decryption on Mon Aug 19, 2013 12:18 am

Remember this?
"May I see your drivers license, registration and proof of insurance."
Chances are many of you have heard this at least -once- what if i told you
that in Michigan  it is really -THIS-
"May I see your drivers license, registration, proof of insurance, and everything on your phone"

i do not believe for a second that this is the only state that's literately extracting everything from your phone. i believe there is more if not all states that do this.

But of course they wouldn't ask for your phone (now, would they?) well it has been confirmed that they can, and your response "cannot" be no unless you want to be charged with suspicion (I know what your thinking "of what?" well cops can tie suspicion with anything  even if you didn't do it). Than intentionally take your phone away since your "arrested" consequently search it with a special device called CelleBrite UFED, than that bad boy can extract data from your phone in a matter of minutes.
heres a example of it taking advantage over a iphone:

read more at:

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