Google Integration and Centralization Explained

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Google Integration and Centralization Explained

Post by decryption on Wed Nov 13, 2013 1:31 pm

2 years ago I made this.

It got banned. 1 year later I got banned.
However 5 YEARS ago this one was made

Hasn't gotten banned and numerous mirrors of it and everything it has said is a reality or is going to be....then 3 YEARS before that this video was made

It is horrifyingly worse then what has been said and 'predicted' in the video.
Why did they delete mine and my account but not the videos that blow my video out of the water 8 YEARS before production? If a storage facility has so much data, would it also mean that they can also "forget" a file is there? I'm not suggesting nor recommending "Security through obscurity" But there ought to be more hidden gems Google forgot to flush out.

Also these fucking comments make me really pissed.

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