In case of emergency, Shoot your hard drive

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In case of emergency, Shoot your hard drive

Post by decryption on Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:27 pm

Yes I'm being entirely serious. If we are in some kind of state where police are doing random confiscations on every person its extremely liable to shoot, drill, or nuke your hard drive. If your drive has contents enabling you to survive in a police state or economic collapse by all means hid it deep within the other stuff you'll likely be hiding, and hid it good. If you don't know where the hard drive bay is; head to the thread entitled "Computer Questions" and post "where would is my hard drive located" including if its a laptop or desktop and its brand (example: HP).
Consequently if you know the model add that in the post to. and of course we will be glad to reply to you where it is located.
Thus if you found out where it is or if you already know where it is. put a sticker on it indicating where it is, so in a crisis you'll know exactly where to format your personal information in a hurry.

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