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Post by Jeremiah on Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:34 pm

Update 4/26/14: Myself and others will be adding more content to the forums.  Updates will include the Bundy Ranch vs BLM conflict, Ukraine, weather manipulation (including the North Dakota Cloud Modification Project), updates on the progress of Agenda 21 and the police state, and economic collapse and the effects that will have on us, to name a few.  I might update or add to the intro if I have the time, but you will need to register to see most of the content.

 Guests can view this category, but you will need to register to receive full access.  So, please do!  -  Jeremy Kessler

Free Speech is the deadliest enemy of tyranny -- This is your ammunition depot

Unplug from everything except the Internet, but use it wisely.  For some it is a playground, others it is a battlefield.  When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.  Wake up, get active, inform others.

This is where this discussion is continuing.  Join and lurk if you like. Be anonymous, if you like.
All are welcome. Friendly environment.  Everyone's still learning.

If you don't receive a registration email, I will manually activate accounts as I see them created so just try to sign in later.

I know that I'll be "rustling some jimmies" with this project, but that's a major part of the process when challenging the strong lies that are still propagating throughout society.  If you become angry because of what I am saying here, you're probably either one of our oppressors or a confused person whose common sense is fighting against their programming. It feels toxic, doesn't it?  Break free.

Truth is treason in the Empire of Lies." - Ron Paul
...so if they come after me for "treason", you'll know exactly where we live.

Operation: Wake Up, Crosby
In the Age of Information, ignorance is a choice.

For questions, comments, death threats, or to discuss our next move:
Email opwakeupcrosby@riseup.net or join the forum.

Note:  If this your first encounter with this type of information and you're currently gathered around a computer with a herd of sheeple for what you thought might be a quick laugh at my expense, I strongly suggest viewing this content individually so you can form your own thoughts and avoid the phenomenon referred to as Groupthink.  Don't let another person's ignorance prevent you from looking for answers. I am posting this content for three reasons:

#1) I hope that you wake yourself, friends, and family. If you have pets, wake them up too.  They might be the only ones willing to listen to you at first, but don't let that discourage you.  You don't have to have all of the answers (I sure don't!).  You could even help by pointing them to this site and asking for their thoughts on it.  Who knows you might send this to someone waiting to wake up and fight this as hard as me.

#2) If after all of my work here people still chant "USA! USA! USA!" on their way into their FEMA camp, I can say I gave this an honest effort.

#3) I feel that we are running out of time.  I know that if they use these weapons on us, we won't have much of a chance.  That's why we need to try to disassemble them ASAP.  Projects like these are where your
tax dollars go.  We are slaves paying for the weapons for our own destruction.  We're referred to by the people that are planning this as "useless eaters".

Note: They took down the original video, this is a mirror.  That's why the views are much lower now.  If they take it down again, I'll mirror it myself.

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NASA - Future Strategic Issues/Future Warefare
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The Report From Iron Mountain (document)
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Tavistock Institute for Global Manipulation

I'm really, really, really hoping that everyone wakes up.  Sometimes I'll try to use a little humor in order to make this information more palatable.  The reasons that I am focusing on these subjects, are because I feel that we're running out of time and because I want to survive this as a free person.  At some point I was thought to myself, "Hey, maybe there's other people in the Crosby area who want to stop living this massive lie too."  So here I am.  Are you out there?  You obviously don't have to be in Crosby to benefit from this information, so please share with everyone.

Unfortunately, things are not going to continue on as they have in recent times.  I've been working on my defense for years, but I'm trying to include you for our mutual benefit.  This is a last-ditch effort to wake everyone up so we can try to prepare for this as a community (mentally, physically, spiritually, or however else we need to). To you, it may look like I'm risking my reputation by saying all of this.  I don't see this as a risk at all.  To me, not acting is the ultimate risk. I feel that there is nothing more important right now than addressing these problems.  They aren't easy for any of us to face, especially at first, and won't have easy solutions.  So if you are reading this with someone and you feel uncomfortable, I ask that you please hold the cynicism, maybe just walk away for a bit.  This all needs to confronted so we can understand and try to fix it. If someone is with you and can't handle this the first time around, don't let them discourage you from learning the truth. Waking up is a process.

I have been studying the geopolitical chessboard for many years.  I don't claim to be an expert on any of these topics. But to put it in perspective, while most people are watching TV and movies (brainwashing/social conditioning for future events), sports (bread and circuses), or drowning in the bar, I'm a studying this... and very, very closely.  If I'm chasing a false idea or story and it's brought to my attention I'll admit that I was wrong and move on, it's really that simple. It's also a great way of disarming someone who is trying to make you feel stupid or inferior.  "I admitted that I had the wrong idea back there, but great job solidifying your status as a prick." If you want you can go one further and cast off all social pressures, it will enable you to do things like this without any pain. Let me tell you, it's nice not worrying about how society judges me or my thoughts.  I know what I'm doing and feel confident that I am headed in the right direction.  If you are quick to judge me, or anyone for that matter, you should examine why.  Is it really just a personal problem that you need to deal with?  Possibly a feeling of inadequacy, a character defect, or in this case an effect from
cognitive dissonance?  We're all guilty of it sometimes, just recognize it and adjust your mindset accordingly.

Some people have an extremely hard time adjusting their world view and they end up perceiving reality in the way they choose to, not necessarily in the way that it is happening.  I think this may play a part in natural selection *nudge*.  I just know that I like to learn the truth and I hope to continue learning about it throughout my whole life, even if it's unpleasant.  If you think that you have life figured out, you've stopped learning and have already lost.  If your reality is dictated to you by your TV and you're good at parroting talking points from your favorite propaganda channel, here's some advice before you continue.  You may want to entertain the idea in that most of what you perceive to be true is wrong.  There's nothing wrong with that and there's no shame in it, unless you refuse to confront it. In fact, realizing this may be the the best thing that you've done for yourself in a long time.  Nobody ever said personal growth is easy, but it does get easier as you move forward. You're not alone in being lied to, the mask has been pulled over our eyes intentionally.  Some might refer to this as... "The Great Deception", ring any bells?

I almost posted a link for that last topic, but I want you to dust off your researching skills.  Whenever you have questions about something you read ask startpage.com, instead of going to msn.com or yahoo.com and being sold non-news on their front pages.  One quick example of non-news is the race-baiting Zimmerman trial being covered 24/7 by MSM -- not news, but a psyop intended to trigger a civil war so martial law would be appear to be justified.  They want the people to kill each other so they can come in afterwards and clean up the rest.  Our government, the heroes, right?  The outlets pushing that story are not your friends, do not trust them.  The Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike, or the murder of journalist Michael Hastings  -- news.  The job of a real journalist is to bring the news to the people, even if it is unpleasant.  I would argue that reporting on unpleasant news is the most important part of their job, that's the first step in fixing a society's hidden problems.  

Look at your news sources.  Instead of inhaling everything that a certain source tells you, question their motives, question everything about what they are saying.  Most "journalists" these days just practice public relations (or propaganda), not journalism.  Whenever a propagandist refers to themselves as a journalist, or pretends that they're practicing "real journalism", it's an insult to any real journalists that are left.  Being a real journalist is one of the most dangerous professions these days, as Michael Hastings has shown us.  I have much respect for these people.  Hastings had been telling the truth to the public, which more than likely threatened the criminal ruling class, his car ended up "exploding", (and here I'm paraphrasing the official statement) "It's an accident and no foul play suspected, but we won't let the officers talk to reporters or release any details of the investigation to the public, because there's nothing to see here, peasant."
Why do we let things like this pass as "truth" just because it's the official story?

I despise statist propaganda, so I thought I'd write a bit about that.  First off, what is propaganda?  According to the American Heritage Dictionary:

propaganda  n.  The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.

Basically, that's when a person or group has an agenda (many times this is an oppressive government), so they use their mouthpiece in an attempt to make the people accept a horrible idea that they would never otherwise accept.  It's a very evil art. Some people are so good at it, not many people notice and the agenda is passed without a whimper.  Sadly, in other times the propagandist is clumsy, but people are so dumbed down, they still don't see or care what is being done to them.  Also, they might use outright lies or write "fluff articles" to distract the public from other important happenings.  Check your current sources.  Ask yourself, is this relevant or even newsworthy?  Does there appear to be an agenda?

Develop and hone your ability to "Call Bullshit" on everything that you hear, you can start with this page, maybe move on to news sources that you've never thought to question before.  Question, question, question.   If you find something on here that you believe to be untrue, research it and prove me wrong.  Or research it and realize that you have learned something new.  My view is always evolving as new evidence appears.

I am being 100% honest with you and not trying to mislead anyone.  I have no hidden agenda, unlike your TV and every major news outlet.  I know this is long, but I'm constantly revising the page and am trying to keep it relevant and to the point.  Take your time, there's a lot to digest.  It's taken me years to get to this point.  I guess this can be considered a kind of "cheat sheet", outlining some of the things that I've been learning on my way.

This collapse will NOT be an accident, it is being carefully engineered.  So when is all of this going to go down?  I'm not going to pretend that I know an exact time and date, there are too many variables, too many evil people in power with red buttons ready for pushing.  There are many reasons that I think they are going to move soon.  For instance, this
NSA scandal has made the Obama regime very dangerous.  He knows that if he doesn't make a move against us, we'll make a move against him. But it goes way beyond Obama and explaining everything here would go beyond the scope of this project.  All I can say is that I feel a lot better as I prepare.  You will too, so you might as well start now.  Even if it's just buying extra sugar and salt every time you go shopping, or researching and learning useful survival skills (youtube is a goldmine). The financial collapse could come as soon as tomorrow, or as late as the end of 2014.  All of the smart money will be into hard assets (gold, silver) well before that time.  Don't let your TV lie to you, CNBC has no interest in helping you out.  The stock market currently looks good and gold and silver look down. Why is this? Is it because we have a strong economy that produces lots of things?  Sadly the answer is that our economy is debt-based, money is printed out of thin air (reducing the value of every other dollar), and the markets are manipulated to fake you into making the wrong move.  People make money while you lose in the biggest Ponzi Scheme ever, that's what it boils down to.  They want you to transfer your wealth to them.  If you'd take an honest look around with me, that's the only real answer that I've found and it makes a lot more sense than what they tell us.

It's a hard realization for many.  If you've made money in stocks, great!  You can turn a profit again during all of this, get into hard assets and usable goods.  Even laundry detergent and toilet paper will be worth more than Federal Reserve Notes.  Maybe if the Federal Reserve Notes are on a roll of toilet paper... Also, that savings that you think is in the bank?  It's not yours unless you're holding it your hand.  They've already robbed the people of Cyprus and it should be a warning to us all.

In my opinion, we have some of the best means to make it through these events.  Better than most areas in the world, certainly better than most areas in the country. A couple of quick things that stick out are:  We had and hopefully still have a strong community and we can easily produce food for everyone (even using old farm tech if the lights go out and the gas quits pumping).  When I was a kid, I remember being proud to be a North Dakotan because we'd help each other. We'd help a stranger change a tire or give him a ride to the nearest gas station.  When I lived out of state, if I applied for a job I was instantly hired before others just because they heard I was from North Dakota and they know of our work ethic.  Before, I thought these were nice things to be proud of, today I see them major assets.  We have a lot of good new people who have moved here in the past few years.  If you're one of those people, you might have moved out here in desperation to provide for your family.  Or if you're single, maybe you just have a strong sense of self-preservation.  Either way, you have some made tough choices in an attempt to better your life, but why stop now?  There are plenty of Crosby natives here that will show you how we (used to?) do it up here. Some of us Crosby natives need to go back to where we were before the oil money came. Some were quick gouge to desperate people just coming here to try to salvage their lives, that bothered me.  We're not all guilty, but if you realize that you were taking advantage of someone, just start being a decent person again.  You can start over right now.  New to this concept?  Click here to see some ideas.

I know some people see disaster and are preparing to deal with it by themselves.  I believe this to be a losing strategy.  That's what "they" want us to do, to focus your selfishness, personal greed, and prepare to fight off your neighbors.  So if that's what they want, why not try to come together and beat them?  I've been fighting this solo for a long time, I'm glad to see people starting to wake up. Proper Respect to my close friends and some of my family after waking up and taking action.  This has been a lonely ride so far, so I'm happy to see that we may be finally getting somewhere.

I'm kind of proud of this:  CIA torture whistleblower,
John Kiriakou, currently imprisoned under the Espionage Act for informing the public about our government's illegal use of waterboarding as an "interrogation technique" in Guantanamo Bay, replied to a letter that I wrote to him and he approves of this message.  Smile

Not-So-Fun Fact: The Internet would have never been allowed to exist in its current form had our owners known that we would gain so much power from it. Our current level of awareness severely threatens the control system and the status quo.  That's why bills like
SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA will be repeatedly repackaged and shoved down our throats until we are censored worse than China.  It's an endurance fight and I am worried that those of us who have been fighting battle-after-battle, year-after-year, are beginning to fatigue and lose ground.  It's our numbers and determination to be free versus Fascist criminals who know they need to put us in FEMA Camps VERY SOON otherwise they will face justice.  I sure wouldn't want be on the wrong side right now, knowing what could happen to them. So far, those of us who have been awake, we've been swinging hard and winning each battle, but barely.  They just keep printing more money and come at us with another anagram aiming to eliminate our rights. These assaults against our privacy and freedoms have been going on in the background for years now.  Whenever we gain some ground, you don't hear about it from the mainstream media, but if we ever lost to them you would feel the effects instantly and wonder what in the Hell hit you.  It's time to end this war with a victory so we can jail some traitors, release some heroes, and move on so we can go back to enjoying life, and finally taste real freedom.

But we're going to need a lot more help.
...like everyone. (THAT'S YOU!)

Want to make big impact?  This is where my spare dollars go.
I'm a proud "Titanium Member". Please support the EFF with a monetary donation of any size! Whenever I send money I don't consider it a donation, but a critical investment.

We even have enemies of the US Constitution in Crosby. Can you guess who they are? (Hint:  They're militarizing themselves)  If you're suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, wake up before it's too late.

Operation: Wake Up, Crosby Dt1bd8P

Critical reading:  How To Deprogram Your Own Mind
Read #3, #4, and #5 over and over again as many times as you need to. This document talks about breaking away from cults, but it works for breaking away from your TV too.  Don't kid yourself, they have brainwashing down to a science.  I haven't subscribed to cable in over 7 years and feel physically ill when I watch regular programming, not exaggerating.

Everyday work seems trivial compared to this problem.  I know some of you who are refusing to accept this think that I'm crazy.  For those people: I think that you're crazy for not doing some research, dropping everything that you are working on, and then doing everything in your power to stop this.

It's not "if", but "when".

Recommended purchases: (Register in the forum, we have a whole category dedicated to this subject)
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