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Post by decryption on Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:27 pm

If your reading this, either your interested in the title and wanted to see what it was. Or you recognize yourself as "Just beginning to realize whats happening" or in other words have been "Sleeping".

Let me take you more down the rabbit hole on not only how Google shows you places on google earth. It also has a "friendly" (ironically placed the word friendly) program called Google latitude. that lets you see where your friends are without texting them (even though verizon can see that too) "Where u at?". What if i told you google uses that data from that program and gps/gms/sim logs to see (EXACTLY) where your at, at anytime, anywhere near a phone tower, or a wifi hotspot that you've; hacked into, "sprung" into, or got into.

Let the program Google Latitude not fool you. If you don't go on google latitude. Let these acronyms sink in, as really serious shit (because they track you to)
GSM (technology) (if your phone doesn't have a sim card than it has gsm)
SIM cards (a really small chip that acts like a toll both for all your shit to go into a other memory sector than sees if your near a cell tower, and yerp tracks you)
VOIP (This is only a threat if it comes from Google's Voice (a little humor there ;)OR if it comes from Yahoo!, Microsoft, Or any big name companys that just like to flash their shit on tv -cough- APPLE -cough-
Heres a video on the Wondershit App itself Google "Spy" Latitude

Do you still love using Google Twisted Evil /Bing Twisted Evil /Yahoo Evil or Very Mad  Now?

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